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What is Mold?

Mold is a naturally occurring substance with a consistent presence in the environment.  When airborne mold spores find favorable conditions, they will quickly form mold growth.  Sometimes mold spores might find favorable conditions in a home or building and when this occurs, the results can be very damaging.

Mold growth indoors can cause extensive property damage and the spores will not only spread the growth further but also cause health problems from allergic reactions to serious infections.  If the mold growth has affected an area bigger than 10 square feet, a certified mold remediation professional must be called to remove it.  IG SERVICES provides mold removal and remediation services in Washington, DC, MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, and surrounding metro areas to locate and remove all mold growth from homes and businesses. We are among the very best in the mold remediation industry with our highly accurate InstaScope testing and innovative Trifect mold removal method.